Who We Are

Kent Bailiffs are the only Enforcement company whose agents not only live and work in Kent and the Southeast, but who are solely dedicated to serving clients in those areas. We are experts in all aspects of Enforcement including; Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), Lease Forfeiture, Trespasser Evictions, Asset Recovery and Tenant Eviction Services for Landlords of both residential and commercial properties.

Under the direction and control of an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, Kent Bailiffs can offer High Court Enforcement services for a range of judgments and tribunal awards.

Working for Landlords, Property Agents, Law Firms, Private Individuals, and Local Authorities, we regard each of our clients as unique and always do our best to cater to their specific needs. We offer the same level of bespoke service to all our clients and are always aware that you are instructing us, not the other way around.

When instructing Kent Bailiffs our clients know they will receive our prompt professional service, allowing them to get on with their lives or concentrate on their own core business needs. We believe Kent Bailiffs are THE leading Commercial Enforcement Agency in Kent and the Southeast.