Commercial Eviction & Lease
Forfeiture in Kent

Fixed Fee From £295*


The most common reason for commercial eviction is for non-payment of rent. It is usual that the lease terms contain a specific clause allowing peace re-entry if the rent is not paid, and provided this is the case there is right to terminate the tenancy agreement early – this is known as ‘forfeiture’ or more commonly lease forfeiture.

At Kent Bailiffs we are specialists in lease forfeiture and can regain commercial premises on your behalf with no fuss, and as soon as possible. In addition to this, by using a well-established but little known legal precedent we are often able to secure fixtures and fittings, which may give the landlord, the potential to make a profit by ending the lease.

How the process works

On the receipt of written instructions, Kent Bailiffs will attend your property alongside a locksmith and gain peaceful entry to the premises, from this moment, the landlord is back in control of the property.

Once inside our agents will ensure the locks are changed, carry out an inventory, and check the premises thoroughly to confirm it is secure. The required notices will be displayed warning others of the consequences of any unauthorised entry and details of how goods which remain at the premises can be collected. If required, supervised access to remove these items can be arranged, as it is a legal requirement that the ex-tenant an opportunity to collect their goods from the property.

If you need commercial tenant eviction for lease forfeiture for non-payment of rent then get in contact with us to discuss your case.

* T&C’s apply

  • Agents conduct the repossession within 24 hours of instruction
  • Verbal confirmation of success
  • Inventory Completed
  • Replacement locks/padlocks installed by professional
  • Notice of Forfeiture and Torts clearly displayed
  • Keys supplied to the nominated contact
  • Written report supplied as required