Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

FREE Service to Landlords


For landlords or their managing agents faced with commercial tenants who fail to pay their rent, may find that it moves rapidly from simply a source of frustration to a situation that can be materially damaging to a business.

Kent Bailiffs have a region-wide team of Certificated Enforcement Agents who will recover your rent, interest, and VAT payable under a commercial property lease. There is no requirement to obtain a court order as our agents are authorized to act under the regulations contained in the Tribunals Court and Enforcement Act 2007.

Upon instruction, a Notice of Enforcement will be issued allowing the debtor seven clear days to pay. After this notice has expired, our agents will make an attendance at the property to collect payment in full. Should no payment be forthcoming from the tenant, their goods may be removed for sale.

However, if a settlement is not achieved and we are instructed to set a short term arrangement to pay, we will take control of goods as security against the debt. Should this arrangement break down the goods may be removed and sold to discharge any outstanding balance. All of our agents are aware that each case is unique and are always sensitive to each client’s specific requests, and recognise that ultimately the goal is to recover what is owed, quickly, but with the least fuss as possible.

The collection of the Service Charge, Insurance, deposits, and utility arrears fall outside the CRAR regulations. However, Kent Bailiffs will aim to recover these debts in full, alongside the collection of the outstanding rent. There is NO COST to the landlord for the recovery of the Service Charge, Insurance, Deposits, or utility arrears, provided we are simultaneously instructed under CRAR to collect the rent due.

You can instruct us to recover rent arrears and service charges by completing and returning our online instruction form below.