Residential Eviction Services in Kent

Kent Bailiffs will always safeguard the landlord’s interest and enforce the possession order strictly in accordance with the regulations. It is essential this process and the strict legal requirements are followed as any departure from them could be deemed illegal. This would leave the landlord open to the very real risk of a possible counterclaim from the tenant who has been evicted.

If you are yet made an application for a County Court possession order then Kent Bailiffs can help landlords with this process. It is recommended that the request to transfer the matter to the High Court is made at the same time.

Only when acting under Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984, can an application be submitted to the court for permission to have the possession order enforced by the High Court. It is important that the application is made correctly and the right wording used. We work in strategic partnerships with expert solicitors who are able to assist in the issuing of possession proceedings, money claims, or both.

Once the court order for possession is made, the tenant will have a period of time to vacate the property, but if they do not leave Kent Bailiffs can complete the eviction process for you. Once leave is granted to do so, the possession order can be transferred to the High Court, and a writ obtained. Following the necessary notice period, the eviction can then take place in as little as 24 hours. If you hold an existing possession order then this can also be set on the Fast Track route.

Alternatively, County Court bailiffs can be instructed to evict the tenant on a warrant of execution. Instead of you having to attend the eviction in person as required by this procedure, you can appoint Kent Bailiffs to attend as your agent and receive the property back. As part of this service, we can also provide you with post-eviction services, such as inventory checking, rubbish clearance, and boarding up.