Fly Trader Removal in Kent

Fly trading in Kent and the Southeast very often occurs on our local high streets,  taking the form of empty units being broken into and traders selling goods illegally. This kind of activity can often have a highly detrimental impact on surrounding businesses, with the fly traders paying no overheads including utilities, allowing them to sell goods for considerably less than other local retailers.

Fly traders will also often target industrial estates and car parks which they illegally transform into used car sales lots. Unauthorised burger vans are another very common example of this sort of illegal activity. Kent Bailiffs provide a rapid response service for dealing with fly traders, serving notice, and removing often on the same day of instruction.

If you are in Kent or the Southeast and have been experiencing problems with unauthorised traders selling goods on your land or in your premises, Kent Bailiffs can help. Our experienced agents will attend with a view to ensuring the immediate departure of the unlawful occupants by exercising the landlord’s rights at Common Law. However, occasionally some squatters may resist being evicted under Common law and subsequently claim legal rights. In this situation our partnership solicitors can immediately issue proceedings and gain an order of possession on your behalf, the subsequent High court writ will then be executed at the earliest opportunity.

Kent Bailiff’s efficient and cost-effective solutions will ensure that illegal traders are safely and lawfully removed from properties that have been subject to unlawful occupation.