Site Clearance in Kent

When dealing with sites that have been occupied by trespassers, there is often a much bigger issue than a little household waste. As the site is unlikely to have come with rubbish collection services or plumbing facilities,  when uninvited visitors leave, they also leave what is at best unsightly waste and at worst, waste that can be at best hazardous to health.

Some of the most common rubbish clearance issues landowners face after an occupation by trespassers include:

  • Food and general household waste
  • Non-biodegradable waste such as cans, tins and aerosols
  • Human and animal faecal waste, nappies and sanitary products
  • Chemical waste – from caravan toilets
  • Empty and part used gas canisters
  • Larger items – vehicle tyres, broken furniture etc

Kent Bailiffs can offer comprehensive specialist clearance services that will prevent any further damage to your land, allowing you to bring it back to its proper use, quickly and cost-effectively.