Squatter & Trespasser Removal in Kent

Illegal squatting and trespassing of land and buildings are becoming a major issue for landlords throughout the South East. Kent Bailiffs are committed to helping landlords and property agents in the removal of illegal occupiers quickly and importantly, cost-effectively.

Following changes in the criminal law, it is now an offence to squat or trespass in a residential property. However, some police forces have been found to be reluctant to act on these cases and still refuse to get involved, where this is the case Kent Bailiffs can step in. If the police refuse to help, the only way to legally evict a trespasser or squatter from your residential property, without the prospect of facing criminal allegations yourself, is to obtain a court order for possession. Most squatters know this is the case, and it is important you get the right processes in place as soon as possible.

If the illegally occupied property comprises of open land or is a commercial building it is essential that a claim for possession is made within 28 days of the landlord or agent becoming aware of the squatters occupying the property.

Whether residential and commercial premises, if you have squatters we can help. Our specialist partnership lawyers will prepare and draft all the court papers and will issue proceedings in the appropriate court. They are experts in progressing these actions rapidly through the courts and are often able to obtain a possession order against “Persons Unknown” in a matter of days. Once this order is granted it can immediately be transferred to the High Court for enforcement. The squatters can then be evicted by our agents under the authority of the sealed writ.

If you have trespassers or squatters on your land or inside your property, the speed of action is vital. Contact us immediately, we will discuss the circumstances of your case and guide you through the procedure every step of the way.