Illegal Occupant & Trespasser
Evictions in Kent

When your land is occupied illegally and an encampment is set up it is often the case that damage is caused, fly-tipping, rubbish, and worst of all human waste left is on your property. To avoid this it is essential landowners take action to get the trespassers moved on without delay.

Under common law, every landowner has the right to remove trespassers from their land using reasonable force if required. This right can be delegated to the landowner’s agent. Kent Bailiffs offer a service removing unauthorised occupiers/travellers without having to go through the courts.

Kent Bailiffs serve notice to quit on the same day of instruction giving the illegal occupants enough time pack and to leave. We work closely with police and the local authority to keep them fully aware of the situation, and should the illegal occupants fail to leave in accordance with the notice we carry out the eviction.

Where possible Kent Bailiffs will always use the powers afforded under Common Law. However sometimes it is not always achievable to remove trespassers under the self-help remedy, often this may be due to violent resistance by the trespassers. In these circumstances, there is little option but to seek a court possession order.

If that is the case, our specialist partnership solicitors will be able to assist you in obtaining a possession order in the shortest possible timescale. Once the order is granted it can be immediately transferred to the High Court for a writ of possession and the trespassers removed under its authority. It is worth noting that the police are obliged to assist the action under a writ if requested to do so.

Whichever method is appropriate, Kent Bailiffs will deal with your instruction promptly and efficiently, always operating with the minimum amount of fuss to return your property to you.

Our Trespasser Eviction services include:

  • Eviction of illegal occupants
  • Tow trucks
  • Clean-up of site
  • Fly-tipping removal
  • Post Eviction Security guards and dog handlers
  • Prevention of re-occupation